What constitutes a good education?

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Smash day - Tecniche di Trading. arrondir fins de mois http://www.prestatraining.com/anys/brokoli/2240 Il lettore avrà, finalmente, la possibilità di accedere ai segreti dei più On the world stage there are still millions of children who do not have access to education.  According to UNICEF’s website:  ‘Universal access to quality education is not a privilege – it is a basic human right.  There are over 59 million children of primary school-age, who are being denied their right to education’. (January 2016)

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see But is it enough to simply provide access to education?  Should there be a standard to the education provided?  And what should those standards be?

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http://energocredit.am/sdsd/11650 In the UK we exist in a society that is rich in information, you would think answering such a question would be easy.  After all we have OFSTED reports, school prospectuses, results and performance tables… the list goes on.  But is it enough to measure a good education in the form of reports and statistics alone? Continue reading “What constitutes a good education?”

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